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HTML5 version of Flipit

22 Jan

The talented Brad Mandershceid has been working on an HTML5 canvas version of one my games ‘Flipit’ and I’m excited to show how it’s coming along. I know Brad’s tested the game running on the iPad, but seeing as I have a couple of other devices here I thought I’d give it a quick demo on those so he (and you) could also see how it’s performing. Brad hasn’t optimised for these other devices, so although the performance is slow, it’s great to see it works fine anyway. Awesome work Brad.

Sorry the video gets blurry towards the end, forgot to set me camera to autofocus and as always pushed for time …

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More Flash on iOS

07 May

WOO HOO! Thanks to Adobe I’ve gotten access to the pre-release of the upcoming AIR 2.7 which allows much greater performance of Flash ported to the iOS platform.

Running on the first generation iPad (borrowed from a friend), here’s the video of today’s results showing Flipit, POGZ and Salamanda …

More Flash on iOS from Terry Paton on Vimeo.

Before I got this working I tried publishing POGZ (the second game I show) with AIR 2.6 and it was pretty much unplayable, so 2.7 makes a HUGE difference.

This software is pre-release for a reason, I struggled to get some things working for a little while, haven’t bothered to look into how to apply icons properly and it needs to be compiled with the command line, which is not very friendly. Once I got the process worked out, it turned out to be relatively quick and easy and I was able to quickly port 3 games to an iPad.

If your getting impatient about getting your hands on AIR 2.7 yourself, trust me, it’s worth waiting till it’s properly released, all the bugs worked out and the workflow is smoothed out. It’ll be coming soon enough :)
Adobe and their team have done great work on this.

Thanks a lot to @leebrimelow, @sjespers, @almogdesign and @philhaeusler for helping me work out how to get this working.


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Flipit Finished!

03 Aug

Flipit for mobile devices (AIR and Flash player 10.1) is finished, after what I estimate to be around 8 hours work of recoding and applying graphics from the original AS2 version. Certainly though it’s helped by being a very simple game, and having all the graphics all ready setup. I decided against using music in this version, rather wanting to keep it a simpler and kind of ‘calmer’ experience.

Here’s a video showing a few levels, running on an HTC Desire using a pre-release of AIR and android system 2.1 …

Flipit Finished from Terry Paton on Vimeo.


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Flipit Beta 1

02 Aug

I spent just under three hours this afternoon recoding Actionscript 2 game of mine named ‘Flipit’ into AS3, using a lot of the original graphics.

Here’s the video …

Flipit Beta 1 from Terry Paton on Vimeo.

The game is a simple tile colour game where each tile will flip over it’s neighboring tiles, with the aim to make all the tiles white. The tiles are a pre-rendered png sequence placed on a timeline, that I then blit and rendering using similar techniques in my other recent games.

The performance is really quite slow at the moment, around 16 fps which I’m not sure why of yet, but it should be no problem speeding up. Probably just a bit of clumsy code from developing it so fast.

Wow, that’s all I can say. Flash combined with Air makes for some magic stuff.


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