Source code to ALL the AS2 and AS3 games I’m sharing

14 Mar

Due to some bandwidth problems I’ve collected all the source code for my games I’m giving away into one place.

IMPORTANT: Please read my blog post here ( for ‘conditions’ of use for this source code.

ALSO IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Some of these game were made with Flash Builder 4.6 or less (and sometimes the Flash IDE), Flash Builder 4.7 seems to break the games, especially embedding of images and fonts. Some games were also made in the Flash IDE (the AS2 games we’re all made with it), the point is … there maybe a large variation in the quality and errors in each of these games, be warned!

Another NOTE: You might get a warning from google that they are unable to scan the files for viruses. It’s because the files are over a certain limit and Google won’t scan them. They are safe to download though.

—– Actionscript 3 —–

Meteor Storm
Xmas Cannon
Deep Sea Diver
3D Deathchase

Galaxy Gems
Meteor Storm 2
Treasure caves 2

Deep Sea Diver 2
Bowling 3D
Breakit 4
Body Defence

Maus Trap
Vector Defender

Darts 3D
Robot Arena
Drive 2
Stunt Run

—– Actionscript 2 —–



Space Ace

Cavern Run

Frogit 2
Grid Memory

You can email me at or catch me on twitter / google plus.

If this source code help you in any way, I’d love to know. Cheers!

  • Longerlife

    Fantastic thank you so much!!
    Breakit 4 download link is wrong, it is the same as Bowling 3D….

  • Terry Paton

    Your welcome, and thanks for letting me know. The link should be fixed now. I’m just in the process of adding more now …

  • Longerlife

    Fantastic thanks :)

  • Ryan Henson Creighton
  • Skyser5

    Awesome! Thank you. You are doing a great service! Good luck with your Unity endeavors!

    The link for Deep Sea Divers seems to be broken. Thanks again!

  • Terry Paton

    Hi there, thanks 😉

    I was able to download Deep Sea Diver though it does have a message saying ‘unable to do virus check’ which is a google message that gets displayed because it’s too big for them to virus scan. If you click the ‘download anyway’ button you should get it. That help?

  • Kuato51

    Hi Terry, I can confirm that the Deep Sea Divers 2 direct link is not working here too (Chrome)… I had to copy&paste the URL to download the file, but I guess this is not important :)

    Many thanks for sharing your valuable work with us.

  • Paco

    Thx!!! great all the stuff that you share :)

  • vikas

    super awesome work done man, is this legal to use all games with few modifications on my own site >

  • Terry Paton

    Hi there, I’ve posted about the conditions of use here:

  • cherry

    Hi Mr. Terry U r great person, thanks a lot to guide the persons around the world the persons u dont know whom u r helping,
    i want i help from u i know u can do, i want to know how to make a flip book in flash AS-2, with zoom next page button, etc. can u plz. give the source code of that one. i m great thankful to u once again my e-mail id is

  • Terry Paton

    Sorry I’m not making custom code for anyone, you should be able to find that kind of thing by googling.

  • zubair

    isnt it supposed to be fla files/

  • zubair

    nvm lol, me being a noob lmao

  • Laura Viquz

    Hello excuse Do you have de source code of bingo please ? If you have send me at thanks

  • Guest

    Is there any game here that you made with Adobe Flash, I only use Adobe Flash, also Im working with classes but this is confusing for me. Btw. Can I use your graphics in my games with credits?

  • Terry Paton

    It might pay for you to read the post, I mention both Flash and a link to the terms and conditions of use.

  • subrata

    what softr use?
    and dwnld link psz snd…….

  • Tuang

    Deep Sea diver2 dosen’t have a url link in.

  • Tuang

    Oops! I knew now. the link doesn’t work so I have to copy&paste it.

  • Johnkarlo Cachero

    Hi I downloaded the stuffs from here on windows but the zip file is not working, what should I do

  • Khurram Saeed

    Thanks my friend, thats really very generous of you. Best of luck and cheers!!!

  • ASH

    Hey Dude. Can you Upload here an Infinite Runner AS3 Source Code Here? thanks

  • Terry Paton

    lol, I haven’t even made an infinite runner.

  • ASH

    Why is it difficult? I cant find tutorial about it. If you know something just let me know about it because that was my project. Thank you in advance.