POGZ finished!

22 Jun

Finally POGZ is finished! After what seems like a long time, but in actual fact has only been 18 days from my first physics test, I can now say it’s finished have begun the process of looking for a sponsor. I’m showing off over at FGL at this link – though you have to be logged into view it

It took a mammoth effort to build and play test all 48 levels of the game, and it gets pretty hard towards the end. But I’ve still kept the game very much within the realms of a casual game & I am pretty happy with how it’s come out.

Below is a video of POGZ as an AIR for Android game. I won’t be doing much more to it until my phone gets updated to Froyo OS 2.2 and AIR comes out of pre-release.
And one final thing I like to do when I finish a game …. WOOO HOOOOO!!

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